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Making that first break into the pub trade isn't easy, but if you have the right experience and a solid business plan, you should be able to secure the right finance package.

Potential licensees should be aware that getting a mortgage to buy a business such as a pub, wine bar, restaurant, club, hotel or licensed premises is not the same as walking into a building society or bank when buying a flat, apartment or a house.

Buying a Pub - Mortgages & Funding For Pub Purchases

Buying a pub, wine bar, club, restaurant, hotel or licensed premises requires a more specialised type of funding and even though there are many banks which are willing to give mortgages, there are a wide range of other funding sources, such as private lenders, where you could get a better mortgage rate or funding deal.

By far the most important factor a mortgage lender will look at is your experience. Then you will need to show that the pub, wine bar, club, restaurant, hotel or licensed premises you are thinking of buying has the potential to make money from a number of sources.

As well as wet sales, the mortgage lender will be looking for potential in food, accommodation, music, entertainment or whatever the pub or hotel business is best suited to.

Mortgage lenders are more likely to back you if you're buying a town or city centre pub rather than a rural, country or village pub, though if you can show strong food sales, getting finance for a village or country pub need not necessarily be a problem.

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Buying a Pub, Public House, Wine Bar, Hotel Or Restaurant: Mortgages, Financing and Funding

Paramount Investments are licensed property agents and valuers offering leasehold pubs, pub tenancies and freehold pubs for sale in the UK. Pubs are sold for a variety of alternate uses. Some continue to be run as pubs and many are acquired for their development potential and diverse number of uses.

A thorough understanding of the demographic of the local area is vital. With this information you can devise a sound business plan based on the needs of the local population. Finally, you need to show how you plan to grow the business over time by establishing your business and marketing it within and beyond the local community. The investments team can advise you in all of these areas.

If you can demonstrate all of that, commercial funding of single freehold pub purchases for up to 80 per cent of the valuation can be obtained.

Finding The Perfect Pub or Hotel to Run as a Business

Once you know hoe much you can afford you can start your search for a suitable pub, wine bar, restaurant, club or hotel to run as a business. We can help in agreeing all the terms to secure the deal, such as what, exactly, is for sale, where the boundaries of the property are and, if it is a freehold, does the freehold apply to the whole pub site? Sometimes a pub is sold freehold but the car park is leased.

If you are buying a pub lease you need to look at the terms. As well as the tie these may include covenants or rights of way through the property and encumbrances ­ clauses which prevent you doing specified things. Some pubs are sold delicensed, meaning the building may not be run as a pub. Find out what fixtures and fittings are included. Beer taps, for instance, may be owned by brewers. Establish whether full vacant possession is being offered ­ are there any tenants living above the property?

Establish whether a survey is needed and whether any planning or Green Belt issues apply, particularly if the building is listed or lies within a national park. Current planning permissions may also have to be taken into account.

The terms of the licence are vital ­ especially with regard to opening times. Also, find out whether any enforcement notices apply. As well as analysing the competition, take a look at the neighbourhood. Consider whether it fits your business plan ­ and your skills as a licensee. Utilities are a thorny issue. Licensees have taken over pubs to find several agreements are operating with different suppliers. In other cases new tenants have been left with outstanding bills.

Paramount Investments offer freehold pubs & leasehold pubs, public houses, bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and other licensed properties for sale as investments or for redevelopment. We cover all areas of licensed property sales, investments and developments in England, Scotland and Wales.