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Changing Property Uses

Paramount Investments offer business premises, retail sites, offices and commercial properties for sale without local authority planning permission or consent for change of business use in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff, Leicester, Hull, Newcastle and Bradford

Changing the use of these properties presents investment opportunities to property developers as potential sites subject to planning for single unit refurbishments to 'new build' schemes for residential units or multiple mixed commercial properties, such as retail, offices and leisure.

Change of Business Use: Permission & Consent

If you are buying a freehold pub and changing its usage, you should not overlook the limitations on use imposed by the planning permission over the land or buildings and any conditions that may be attached. The wording of planning permissions is often critical.

Essentially, any fundamental change of use from the present use to a completely different one (that is not allowed by the Use Classes Order or as permitted development) will require planning permission.

 A minor change of use may escape the need for planning permission because it is not considered so significant as to be a 'material' change. But care is required in assessing the significance of the change.

Planning permissions should be checked to ensure that the proposal is not outside the terms of the consent or contrary to planning conditions.

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A1, A2, A3, A4 Development Properties & Building Land without Planning Permission For Sale

Different planning requirements apply in Conservation Areas or for Listed Buildings. However, there are some forms of development, which do not require planning consent, or are granted consent by statute or other statutory instrument.

You have certain Permitted Development Rights for both domestic and commercial proposals. Changes of use may also be permitted without requiring planning permission, Your permitted development rights may have been removed by the Council issuing an Article 4 Direction. This will mean that you need to apply for planning permission to carry out the work that would otherwise have been permitted without consent.If you are at all uncertain, or need formal confirmation that work can be carried out without obtaining planning permission you can request a 'determination' from the Council by writing to them with details of the proposal.

This property investments database offers hundreds of residential and commercial property development opportunities for sale such as freehold pubs, wine bars, clubs, hotels, hostels, care homes, guest houses, petrol stations, factories, churches, hospitals, post offices and other former public buildings.


The Building Regulations, Change of Use & Planning Consents

THE BUILDING REGULATIONS set out the requirements necessary to ensure a consistent and appropriate standard of health, safety, energy conservation and accessibility is achieved in building work, for both domestic and commercial proposals. They are laid down by Parliament and are accompanied by a series of "Approved Documents" which relate to particular aspects of the Regulations.

The Building Regulations cover most building works including the erection of new buildings, conversion and extension of existing buildings, and the installation of heating, drainage or sanitary facilities.

The Building Regulations may also introduce the need for Building Regulation Approval in relation to a change of use of a building, even if building works are not intended. This is because the change of use may introduce the need for health and safety measures, disabled access facilities etc.

The Building Regulations may also come into play in circumstances where works that you are considering undertaking may have a structural or other building impact upon adjoining property; for example, by affecting support for party walls. This is a particular consideration for the removal of trees (especially in clay subsoil areas) where the foundations of property could be affected by their removal.

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